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AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Crack Download

AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Crack is a famed application. Its app changes the way your voice sounds over Internet conversations or recordings using. A large variety of tools and effects are provided by this application. The new version is a professional application designed for audio and voice manipulation. This app can be used to alter input sound streams, playbacks. And recordings in various situations that require such an operation. Including telephone conversations, karaoke, or chat. It is part of a more extensive series of voice modification software. And is the most basic edition of the suite. Besides, the gold and diamond editions include more advanced features. For instance, sound limiters, noise reduction, frequency morphers, and batch file processing. Even though this is the lightest version of the series. The latest version includes a sufficient set of features for the day-to-day user. This app can perform online, and offline audio manipulation to supply funny sounds and imitate male, female, and youngsters voices, only for fun or for professional purposes like music production.

AV Voice Changer Software is beneficial for users who want to possess a fun time online. They can use it to form exciting conversation environments while doing voice chat in instant messenger programs or to make humorous fun voice chat/voice calls with PC-to-Phone applications, or to do song remixes to renew your favourite songs, etc. The AV Voice Changer Software stands apart from other online or computer-based voice changing programs because of its unlimited ability to improve and enhance voices and sounds and produce high-quality audio output.

AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Crack with Keygen Free

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Patch is beneficial for users who want to be the Voice Master of Media in cyberspace. They can use it to possess fun while chatting using instant messenger programs, do voice dubbing and voice-overs for his or her video/audio clips, and mimic their favorite Idol voice. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5.33 Mac is that the highest edition within the Voice Changer Software series. It is dedicated to voice changing and voice manipulating for online and local computer-based programs.

AV Voice Changer Software

Moreover, altering voices is a job that AV Voice Changer Software handles with the aid of several utilities. The Voice Morpher changes the pitch and therefore the timbre of your voice, while the equalizer controls the sound quality. The effects section provides a collection of audio filters, such as chorus, flanger, bandpass, and band-reject, to name just a few. This app is a unique feature that is brought by the background effects such as aircraft, bikers, etc., which help create an appropriate environment or situation for your voice. For instance, applauds could accompany you after you’ve recorded a speech. Hence, you can easily change your pitch to resemble other sounds with the Voice comparator module. This one performs a comparison of your voice against an audio stream, identifies the differences, and applies them to transform yours. Furthermore, it app sports an attractive interface and an extensive help manual to help you deal with all of its functions.

Key Features:

  • Changes in real-time the voice. Both from a microphone, CD, line-in, or auxiliary input, into many top-notch ladies and male voices, animals, musical and fiction sounds.
  • Morphs in real-time the WaveOut and DirectX streams.
  • It has plenty of ready-to-use audio effects and nick voices.
  • Compatible with voice chat rooms, immediate voice messengers, audio & video conferencing, and PC-to-phone programs. You can disguise your voice to be anonymous on the Net.
  • Compatible with quality sound recorders, sound players, CD, and Karaoke players. With AV VCS DIAMOND, you may edit several voices, sound files, sound results for your audio & video clips and films, you may morph songs or MP3 documents and create your albums.
  • Voice output is often customized by setting the specified equalization.
  • Along with the pitch algorithm, an also timbre transferring algorithm helps you regulate your voice into the high-quality vary of brilliant new herbal sounds controlling the “age” and consequently the “gender” of the voice output.
  • AV VCS DIAMOND can intercept and change the recording and the playback and the DirectX audio streams. You can morph sound files, for example, MP3 files played on a sound player installed on your system.
  • You can add consequences from many plug-in ready-to-use audio outcomes to a real-time voice movement from a microphone to a sound file. An MP3 composition or a CD music performed again on a rational participant or CD participant.


  • AV Voice Changer supports several file formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG.
  • The interface is intuitive and graphical to prop up better handling.


  • This software has no demerits.


  • 1 GHz or higher compatible processor
  • At least 250MB Ram
  • A Full Duplex Sound Card
  • Speakers

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  6. Now open AV Voice Changer Software software.
  7. You get AV Voice Changer Software Full Version.


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